Confidence to Cook Training

MFN usually runs two Confidence to Cook (C2C) Training for Trainers courses in Moray annually. Once dates and locations are finalised, they are advertised on the events page of the website – as is any similar training that we hear about held just outwith Moray.

However, if you are interested, please contact us straightaway. We plan courses around those that express an interest, and may increase the number of courses if there is a demand.

Confidence to Cook Training for Trainers is for people who are in a position to influence the food and health of the people they work with, e.g. carers, community workers, health workers, family support workers, school staff, and volunteers.

Confidence to Cook Training for Trainers

The 2-day course (10am – 3pm) gives the theoretical and practical skills required to support others with cooking and healthy eating. Those taking part find out more about the barriers to eating healthily, they learn key health messages, and discuss the basic requirements for a kitchen equipment and store cupboard. They are introduced to the C2C pack of recipes and information, and on each day, everyone makes one of the recipes to contribute to a shared lunch.

C2C trainers must have a REHIS elementary food hygiene certificate before they start providing cooking sessions or cooking support.

There is a forum for  C2C trainers who have taken part in training via Moray Food Network.  Please email if you haven’t yet received your log-in. You’ll have to be logged in to see posts to the forum, otherwise you’ll get an error message.