Welcome to the Moray Food Network Confidence to Cook trainers’ forum. This is a private site for C2C trainers only. The purpose of the forum is to allow you, as trainers, to share experiences and best practice. Please let your fellow trainers know about the format of your courses, and what worked well or could have been improved. The forum also allows you to ask for advice or assistance with courses, to offer your skills as a freelance trainer, or to ask for opportunities to gain experience.

The forum can develop as you want it to. However, please keep to issues relating to supporting cooking skills in Moray or nearby. Also, try to be clear about what are offering or looking for, or whether you wish to start a discussion. If you need an assistant, for instance, say when and where, and whether the position is paid or for a volunteer (see examples below). The forum isn’t moderated so what you write will be seen straight away. Anyone engaging in abusive behaviour will be removed from the forum.

If other organisations contact MFN asking for freelance trainers, their requests will also be posted here. Remember to reply to them direct, as they will not have access to this forum.

Please use the events page to advertise your cooking courses to the public. Using your organisation’s logo will help your course to stand out. If you have any problems, just email

Happy cooking!


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Here are some examples:

Does anyone know of a kitchen available to hire in Aberlour? I’m planning on running cooking courses for carers in Speyside.

Assistant needed to help support a series of 4 cooking workshops for teenagers. Thursday evenings (7 – 9pm) starting 1st Feb. Contact: Susie on 01343 xxxxxx.

I recently assisted at a C2C for a weight management class – for people planning to lose weight. The tutor used the new ‘traffic light’ and calorie-counted C2C recipes, and compared the calories for them with similar recipes found elsewhere. (This involved an internet search done as part of the preparation for the class.) Participants were surprised at the difference, and pleased that the C2C recipes tasted good despite being lower in calories.  Egg fried rice and spicy potato wedges went down particularly well! Janet