Food Film Night and Network Gathering

by Kim Siu on

February 20, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
The Inkwell
Francis Pl
Elgin IV30 1LQ
Kim Siu

This event is open to all those interested in the work of Moray Food network. It is an informal network gathering with a focus on sharing a film, connecting with others and eating good food in the process!

The film is a cheerful documentary about the art of cooking and the art of cooking your life without burning it, putting too much salt in, or over cooking it.

Doris Dorrie and the cooking Zen monk Edward Espe Brown demonstarte that eating is more than just the intake of food. Cooking is a festival of senses and an act of love and generosity.

The film is practical and entertaining and looks at:
What is the meaning of cooking and eating for the community and the individual?
Is cooking a political act?
How does cooking reflect our attitude towards life and the world?

How to Cook Your Life could change your view on cooking, eating and your own life!

Written by: Kim Siu