Eat Seasonally

Eating food in season – when it’s ready locally – means it’s fresher and at its tastiest. It’s also usually cheaper too. Make the most of summer fruits at their best, and plan what to buy year round for a good value, nutritious shopping basket.

Food grown out of season might need extra energy to grow it, or have to travel many miles to get to us, so eating in season is greener too. Scotland can grow a huge range of fruit and vegetables and eating more of what we produce, helps support our local farmers and communities too, and that means we’re all better off.

Some more useful information and recipes can be found on these websites too: and there’s a month by month archive of simple, seasonal recipes here

Please email us with any favourite links or seasonal recipes you’d like to share.

MFN seasonal food wheel

The Moray Food Network Eat Seasonally Wheel shows what’s available in Moray and when. The first time each food appears during the calendar year is labelled so you can look forward to your favourites. You can download the wheel here, or get in touch to request a free poster, while stocks last.