Moray Food Network is an informal network of community organisations, individuals and small businesses that are all enthusiastic about sustainable healthy local food. We’re working together to promote more local food production in Moray, to support existing small food businesses to thrive by selling food locally, and to encourage new local food enterprises.

Eat Canny

You can read more about the new Moray Food Network ‘Eat Canny’ project here.

Community research explains how and why MFN became involved with ‘Confidence to Cook’, and the results. Find out how Moray organisations are using this NHS Grampian resource, how MFN supports them, and the effect that improved cooking skills are having on people’s lives – the report is available on the downloads page

Moray Food Network hopes to see more Moray people enthusiastic about eating Moray food and we’re keen to make it easier for them to produce it themselves or to buy from a diverse range of small local food businesses. We’d like to provide more opportunities for Moray people to find out about local seasonal food and how to grow, gather, cook and store it, as well as where to buy it, and about the benefits that local healthy food brings to individuals and the wider community. We seek to increase the co-operation of those involved in food and health in Moray so that we can learn from and support one another.

When we talk about local food, we mean food that is grown, reared, gathered or caught in Moray or nearby, or food that is made in or near Moray from local food ingredients.

The Moray Food Network broadly supports the aims of Nourish Scotland in working for a fairer and more sustainable food system in Scotland.

Confidence to Cook Training for Trainers

Confidence to Cook
Training for Trainers

Making decisions at MFN meeting

Making decisions at MFN meeting

Discussing local food in Locavore, Glasgow


wanted REAPMoray food producers and retailers, to check your details or add them to the food map, go to the Food Directory page and click on the ‘Contact Us’ button.

Moray local food eaters, if your favourite place to shop, eat or pick your own isn’t listed, please get in touch using the contact form on the Food Directory Page.



Moray Food Network steering group is:

Elgin Youth Development Group

Moray  Health & Social Care Partnership


Transition Town Forres